Offset Printing

Our company was built on high quality offset printing.
We combine our expertise with top of the line equipment to produce award winning graphics.

Whether its an annual report, sales material or packaging you can count on our experience
to get the job done in a timely manner and within budget.

When you share physical marketing materials, you are making a statement about your brand.
It’s more than ink on paper its an experience that conveys the significance of your organization.

Digital Short Run & Variable Printing

Digital printing allows our customers to order small print runs with quick turnarounds.
Having the ability to print only what you need will reduce wasteful spend on inventory.
This allows the latest relevant information to be included in your marketing materials.

Variable printing allows the customer to deliver a unique tailored design or message for
each individual of a target audience which helps increase response rates in a campaign.


Point of Sale Material puts your brand or product right there when the consumer is making their final spending decision. The success of POS material is attested to by the sheer volume of it that is found in retail environments. From shelf wobblers to cut-outs, product stands, mobiles, tent cards and packaging, we can design and print every point of sale item that you might require. The range of Point of Sale material that can be printed by Lornan Litho is virtually unlimited.

Our graphic designers can coordinate your POS material with your branding strategies, or develop a new concept to promote your product range at that crucial moment of purchase.

Point of Sale needs to satisfy a purpose and generally that purpose is to capture the attention of your audience and target market. The account managers, designers and production personnel at Bright Print will work with you to ensure that your POS material is successful wherever it is to be displayed or utilized. With extensive experience across a number of industries, our team is attuned to your needs.


At Lornan Litho, we pride ourselves on being more than just another packaging supplier. We fully understand the complexities of our customers’ businesses, and we partner with them to ensure that their packaging does more than just securely house product – it provides a competitive advantage.


Lornan Litho is a leader in the interactive print media industry. Using our expertise in paper engineering to achieve a truly wonderful interactive experience. With a dedicated project manager to guide you from start to finish ensuring complete satisfaction in your finished project, bringing your ideas to reality. Die drawings, drafts, samples and CAD files will be provided to make this as seamless as possible and to make sure you are achieving your results.

Let’s Work Together